Recipe Organizer, Meal Planner & Grocery List

Discover new recipes, save and organize them, plan meals
easily, build your grocery list quickly, and have fun cooking!

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Discover & Organize

Find new recipes easily, and save them to your collection to organize and cook any time.

Fresh Recipes Daily

New recipes added to the Feed daily from top recipe blogs and sites, so you'll never get bored.

Search & Share

No need to wait for inspiration. You can find recipes by searching, and share with friends.

Flexible Filtering

Organize your recipes however you want with tags & filters, and search by name, ingredient, etc.

Easily Plan & Shop

Create a meal plan in a snap, and build your grocery list in minutes with quick add.

Meal Planner

Schedule recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, etc. with a quick tap on a calendar.

Grocery List

Enter items or add all from recipes and/or your meal plan, grouped by aisle automatically.

Simple Shopping

Never forget an item and have to back for it again! Choose your own aisle order.

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Have fun cooking!

Cooking is more fun when it's as easy as possible, so we work hard to make it easier for you:

Tap to Complete

Tap anywhere on an ingredient or direction to mark it complete. No more re-reading steps!

Easy to Read

The cooking interface is designed to be used in the kitchen, and the text can be customized.

Tab Swiping

A quick swipe is all it takes to jump back and forth between the Ingredients & Directions tabs.


Scale Ingredients

Cooking for a party? Edit the Servings to auto-scale all the ingredients. No math needed.

Quick Timers

Swipe left on a step in the directions to set a timer, and get alerted when the step is done.

Progress Bars

You can even set multiple timers, and each step has its own countdown and progress bar.